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Morija MedCannabis Limited is a biotech-pharma company with a portfolio of four Medicinal Cannabis licences in the Kingdom of Lesotho, and one Special Clearance for the cultivation of all Sativa and Indica endemic strains for medicinal purposes in Mozambique.

The licenses in Lesotho are for prohibited Drug Operator granted by the Ministry of Health in Lesotho under Section 12 of the Drugs of abuse Act, 2008.

Approved activities under these licenses include:
Cultivation; Manufacturing; Supply; Holding; Import, Export and Transit within, into and out of Lesotho for medicinal purposes and or scientific use and any other lawful use.

The Lesotho Medicinal Cannabis licenses are granted for 10 years (renewable) and renewable for every 12 months and the initial permitted area (phase 1) to operate on is 30,000m2 (3 hectares/7.4 acres) with allowance to expand production after the implementation of phase 1 by applying for grower license.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is the first country in the Southern African region to begin legal cannabis cultivation and the country has an advantageous climate for growing cannabis.

Morija MedCannabis portfolio of licences are co-located on a 20-hectare industrial site in the town of Morija, 40 kilometres (24.85 miles) from the capital Maseru and 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) from Moshoeshoe I International Airport.

Our Logo
The very air, climate, and un-contaminated soil.
The Blue tone recalls images of the Morija Valley, ever flowing Springwater…. It is purity in taste.
Yet, the very essence in the green Lesotho Highlands recalls the spirit of Africa and the gentle welcoming warmth of the Morija people.

The Land

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